Browns draft/ Cavaliers playoffs ?>

Browns draft/ Cavaliers playoffs

Hello to all of my Cleveland FRIENDS!! Some exciting things going on in the Cleveland sports world (Not kidding). I know that is a statement hardly ever heard. Last night marked the start to this years NFL draft and the Cleveland Browns may have actually been the biggest winners of the entire draft. They held the #2 pick a few weeks ago and traded back to #8 with the Philadelphia Eagles and then last night traded back to# 15 with…

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Josh Gordon/Cleveland Cavs update ?>

Josh Gordon/Cleveland Cavs update

How’s it going folks? Been a while since I’ve been on here and I want to apologize to ya’ll for that. It’s been a hectic past 3 months for me and my family with some things going on and so I haven’t been able to put as much effort as I would’ve like to have or intended to have when I initially started this website up back in December. I’m going to do my best going forward to get on…

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Cleveland Browns turmoil ?>

Cleveland Browns turmoil

It’s hard being a Browns fan. OK that’s a huge understatement. The 2015 Cleveland Browns season is officially over and just like every other season here in Cleveland it was a forgettable one. QB questions, head coaching questions, general manager questions, etc. plague this team for what seems like year in and year out. For the second time in three seasons we have fired our head coach and general manager. This was somewhat expected for how the end of last…

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Crocker park store grand opening ?>

Crocker park store grand opening

Howdy everyone and welcome to this beautiful Wednesday, December 16th here in Cleveland. Today was another warm December day which is insane to think about when you consider its the middle of December. Here in Cleveland we are usually blasted with freezing weather and snowy conditions. It has been a nice change up to say the least this year. Anyways I wanted to send out a notice to anyone in the northeast Ohio area and specifically on the westside of…

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Howdy and welcome to City Ledes!!! ?>

Howdy and welcome to City Ledes!!!

How does it go friends? Welcome to my new blog!! I’m going to make this opening pretty short for the most part. I’m a 28 year old who has been living in Cleveland, Ohio for almost 25 years of my life. This blog is meant to educate people on the city of Cleveland when it comes to the social scene and entertainment. Cleveland catches a lot of flak for being a boring and “dead” city. This is not true in…

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